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Boothbay Harbor Maine Fishing Charters
2023 RATES
STRIPED BASS FISHING: We normally run a single 4- to 4 1/2-hour trip per day, usually leaving the dock around 7:00 – 11:00 am and returning in late morning to mid-afternoon, although departure and return times may vary depending on tides (therefore some trips may be in the afternoon). Price includes up to FOUR passengers MAX, saltwater fishing license coverage for all aboard, tackle, bait, ice, bottled waters, and fish filleting/packaging for any legal-size stripers you would like to take home for the grill. (For more info click the "What to Bring" tab below).

Half-Day (4 - 4.5 hours) calm waters striped bass fishing.........$595

(Additional fishing time may be negotiated prior to, or during, the trip.)


Bluefin tuna.....We have temporarily suspended our trips due to a current lack of abundance of school tuna (under 73") in the waters off Boothbay Harbor.




Tipping:  We normally bring a crew person with us on our fishing trips to help out and to generally ensure that you have a safe and  enjoyable day on the water. A recommended gratuity is 20%  of the overall trip fee.


Drugs: Although the state of Maine has legalized possession and use of marijuana, all vessels operating in state and/or federal waters must adhere to federal law, which currently prohibits possession and use. Therefore marijuana and other federally illegal drugs are prohibited aboard the Shark Six.  We thank you for your understanding.

Our Trips leave from Brown's Wharf Inn & Marina, 121 Atlantic Ave., Boothbay Harbor. Free parking is available across the road from the main hotel parking lot where you will see a bunch of orange traffic cones. Park anywhere among the cones.



Before deciding to charter the Shark Six, please be advised that the striped bass fishing in the Boothbay area may not be as productive as you remember it a number of years back, when 20-plus-fish trips were not uncommon. That being said, striper fishing during the past several seasons has been a huge improvement over the previous four or five years, and we have had many days where we tallied between 5 and 25 bass. Sizes have been ranging from schoolies in the 18" to 27" range (most plentiful) to fish upwards of 20 pounds, and hopefully we'll see continued good fishing in 2022 --  but there are never any guarantees!

Our fishing trips are hands-on and interactive, unlike some of those Florida-style charters where you sit in a padded armchair in the cockpit and wait for a fish to bite. It's an active day, with the continuous re-setting of rods and lines and following the larger hooked fish around the boat requiring some agility. Therefore, our trips are best suited to folks in reasonably good physical condition.

As for the younger set, we do enjoy having kids aboard. However, our fishing trips may be a bit much for those under age 10 or 12. We encourage you to talk over your plans with us before planning to bring anyone younger. Thanks for your understanding.

SIGHTSEEING: We offer private sightseeing excursions around the Boothbay Harbor Region. You'll see lighthouses, waterfront homes, lots of boats, shipyards, islands, lobstermen hauling their traps, maybe a few seals, seabirds, and other wildlife -- all from a comfortable vantage point on the water, and all in calm, protected waters. We can take up to 5 passengers for sightseeing. Rates (for the boat) are $150 for the first hour, and $95 for each additional hour (2-hour minimum). We have a large cooler with ice for any drinks and snacks you'd like to bring along, plus a pair of top-quality Nikon binoculars you are welcome to use.

 DEPOSIT: We require a $100 deposit on all trips booked in advance.  Checks should be made out to Shark Six Charters, LLC. and sent to: Capt. Barry Gibson, 19 Royall Rd., East Boothbay, ME 04544. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND WE WILL ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF YOUR DEPOSIT AND CONFIRM DATE OF CHARTER. If the Shark Six is unable to go on the day scheduled due to inclement weather, etc., your deposit will be cheerfully returned in full or we can schedule another day for the trip, your choice. Payment for the deposit and the trip may be made in cash, personal check, or travelers' checks. NOTE:  WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS FOR DEPOSIT OR CHARTER FEE. There are several ATMs available in Boothbay Harbor if needed.

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