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Species : Striped Bass Fishing  "Stripers"
Maine Charter Fishing

  Striped Bass Fishing Maine

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STRIPED BASS: We specialize in striped bass, a great food and game species that migrates northward into Maine waters from the New York and Mid-Atlantic regions each May. Size ranges from a pound or so up to better than 40 pounds, but fish in the 2-to-15 pound class are the most commonly caught in this area, with a sprinkling of 20-plus pounders. Bigger ones are not unusual. Our largest charter-caught bass to date is 46 pounds, although we did catch a 53-pounder while standing in the surf at Reid State Park at the mouth of the Sheepscot River on September 18, 1982.

There is now a 28" minimum size for striped bass in Maine with a 35" maximum, and anglers can retain one fish per person per day. We will be glad to fillet and package up your fish for you should you decide to take any home.

Our season for stripers runs from the middle of June through early October. Prime months are July, August, and September, although fall action can be spectacular –  some of our most productive days have been in October!

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