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Saltwater Maine
Charter fishing out of Boothbay Harbor Maine
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Maine Charter Fishing
Bluefish,Tuna, Mackerel  and Flounder caught in Boothbay waters.


bluefish.jpg (11607 bytes) Now That's a Tuna Bob with a nice flounder caught in Boothbay Harbor Maine


BLUEFISH: Huge schools of big bluefish in the 10-to-18 pound range swarmed into Maine waters each summer from 1973 to 1993, and provided outstanding – and dependable -- sport. Since 1993, however, blues have arrived more sporadically, and in recent years haven’t appeared until late July or August. In the Boothbay area we normally get a shot at them for several weeks in mid-summer, and they are spectacular on light spinning gear and topwater plugs. Small "river blues" weighing a pound or two are quite common in the Sheepscot and Kennebec, and we often catch them while fishing chunks of bait for stripers. Bluefish aren’t considered the best-eating of fish (although some people do like them) so we release most we catch on the Shark Six.

BLUEFIN TUNA: We have fished for giant bluefin tuna since the early 1970s , and have caught them from 225 to 937 pounds. In the last several years schools of 30- to 200-pounders have shown up off Boothbay during the summer, and our new Shark Six is federally permitted and specifically equipped to go after these incredibly strong fighters on 30- to 50-pound conventional stand-up tackle and 30-pound spin gear. 

MACKEREL: Atlantic or "Boston" mackerel are plentiful in Boothbay waters from June well into October. Most that we encounter are the bait-sized "tinker" or "spike" mackerel, although we sometimes catch them upwards of 18 inches and a pound-and-a-half in weight. If you’d like a little fun on a five-weight fly rod or a four-pound ultralight spin outfit, mackerel will fill the bill.

OTHER SPECIES: While targeting stripers, blues and mackerel, we’ve caught freshwater catfish, skates, sturgeon, dogfish sharks, pollock, cunners (bergalls), and codfish. We've also spent some time fishing for winter or "blackback" flounder with decent success. These excellent-eating fish used to be more prevalent in the mid-Maine area than they are now, but they seem to be coming back.


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